Gas production and sale

We supply a wide range of industrial gasses both blended and pure for your welding, metalwork, food processing, analysis, pharmaceutical manufacturing needs, and much more.

Supply method

We supply transportable cryogenic tanks used at low pressure for liquid gas supplies of nitrogen, argon, CO2 and oxygen. They are all compliant and certified in accordance with current regulations.

Safety first

The safety of employees and customers is our first priority. Excellence in safety is at the heart of our corporate culture and part of our responsibility commitment.


Protecting the environment and life is at the heart of our industrial policy. We are committed to managing natural resources and the environmental impact that our production processes generate.

The main Gases


For optimum quality welds, the ARCAL™ range of gases and mixtures provides different solutions suitable for all your needs.


ALIGAL™ guarantees the best storage conditions for food products by maintaining their original characteristics.


The ALPHAGAZ™ is a range of calibration gases for laboratories. We provide pure and blended gases for your sector.


PHARGALIS™ is the pharmaceutical grade gas range that complies with the requirements of the main pharmacopoeias: USP-NF, Ph. Eur. and JP.


Do you heat, cut, braze, solder on the flame? Learn all about our FLAMAL™ gas range that is suitable for your flame processes.


We sell LPG gas cylinders, certified by LIQUIGAS S.p.A. in accordance with strict and restrictive European regulations.

All gases

Food safety and quality

We have developed solutions to help you to achieve optimal beverage production. When it comes to beverages, customer expectations focus mainly on food safety and quality. Extensive experience and know-how are necessary to meet the stringent requirements on matters relating to the consistency of formulation and taste, the degree of carbonation, quality and the correct rigidity of the container.

MAP packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging MAP of food

Are you trying to expand the variety of products of your company?
Do you want to increase the shelf life of the fresh products you produce?
Do you want a natural solution that minimises the growth of microorganisms and avoids oxidation reaction?
Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is the ideal solution for food preservation.